Donald Marshall Speaks On Droning (not full interview)Nicolas Cage Buggeye photo

Had this in my phone for a while from back when i was all twisted up ..i wanted to make a version where the audio was more balanced instead of these guy on ten and the Don on five i tried to balance it out a bit so its better audible-ation..also i inserted a pic of whats his face with the bugged out eye?NIcolas Cage with ..uh apicture with his eye bugged out… its the same old interview just close up on the Don and not the guys doing the interview that’s why the video is shitty quality because im zoomed in on the screen…please excuse the coughing and my strange sounds …i was making this video for myself i didnt expect to post this.but i think it conveys the info pretty welll you can hear what he’s saying pretty clear so here it is…but i said ‘aaaaaaaa what da hell’


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