Eddie Bravo Questions Everything

Eddie Bravo Questions Everything is a track from my “Flat Earth Movement Album” available here:


Lyrics: I was weary at first, but Eric Dubay has some compelling arguments supporting Flat Earth that can’t be explained. Oh my God, Eric Dubay!? Yo Joe Rogan, what you been smoking? You know the Earth’s flat, and that’s your Fear Factor. You’re just a failed actor, sold out to NASA, Neil Tyson’s pear-shaped balls on your breath yeah, oh lucky lucky like one of Hugh’s Bunnies, remembered that bit from when you used to be funny.

What the fuck!? Fuckers. The Flat Earth. Someone was calling me a Flat Earth sell-out. Fuck these guys. Fuck Eric Dubay. If he’s ever on this show I wanna be outside waiting with a fucking baseball bat. Ok Eric. Ok Trevor. What the fuck ever. Threaten me with violence, I’ll hit back with a feather. Keep your baseball bat and your piss-stained beard because the Earth’s still flat and your tats are weird. Dinosaurs are fake and your mate there’s queer. Now I’ll drink me a juice while you have you a beer.

I’m glad I brought a lot of beer. You shill, they’re coming at you now with Flat Earth knowledge. Bring it. Gonna confront you with Flat Earth reality bro. You’re a shill! You’re a Flat Earth shill, a dinosaur shill! Statements like that, that he makes, are just fucking irritating. Yeah, I know, that’s why I say them. Always piss paleontologists off when I see them, in museums or any other place, anywhere they’re trying to lie to my face. Hey, by the way, anyone remember back when Joe had knowledge and passion, back when he showed the fake Moon landings, back when was the Last Comic Standing. He’d oust liars and put them in their place, like Carlos Menstealia laughing in his face.

You know what’s interesting about this guy is that he knows so much. Yeah, the guy that does 200 proofs the Earth is flat. He’s using all this data that’s actually factual. Think about it. Right now, you have 4 million subscribers that now know this video exists, that know Eric Dubay’s name, that know that paleontologists can get riled up by this guy. They’re now going to go look. His voice is annoying as fuck. Let’s play more. Play more? No thanks. I’m out. Respect to Eddie Bravo for truly questioning everything, like you supposedly did Joe. Fuck you for saying supposedly.

The comments are amazing. So have you extensively looked into his research. There’s definitely some fuckery going on with most of the ISS footage. Like all the videos have all been faked, every one of them. There is no such thing as gravity. Oh my god, that blows my mind. I have a friend that doesn’t believe in satellites. Just keep perpetrating the lie that the Earth is round. Dinosaurs are not real. You’re not just a Flat Earth shill, but you are also a dinosaur shill. People love to fucking get worked up about non-sense. Private tour of JPL? Fuck yeah! That shit isn’t research. You’re not a scientist. You’re not wearing a lab-coat. That’s not research. His simple statements are looping in thousands and tens of thousands of employees and museums and all of that world-wide. This would be one of the largest conspiracies ever.

So that’s an absolute bullshit Eric Dubay outright lie. Eric, you’re fucking wrong. Fuck you Eric Dubay! Fuck you Eric! Don’t bring your Flat Earth bullshit into my profession. Fuck you. I will mock the living shit out of him until he wants to put himself into a chipper-shredder. We don’t do it to try and convince the big mouth-pieces for these movements. We’re trying to go for the people that aren’t quite sure. If we embarrass the living fuck out of these people, those people will go “Wow, those guys are idiots, why did I even consider that the world is flat or that dinosaurs didn’t exist?” We didn’t shut them down early enough and now they’re loud enough that we have a problem.



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