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There are lots of Rife Machines to choose from. Many have very impressive and technical specifications which make choosing even more difficult. So how do we choose a Rife machine?

We will give you some tips to make the purchase decision easier.

First of all, try to avoid purchasing from manufacturers that compare their machine to others. They will proudly invent proprietary features that other systems do not have. This is pure showmanship. Instead, look for independent reviews from real users. They don’t have a financial interest in sales figures.

Secondly, a more expensive machine does not mean it is better. It usually means they have a marketing budget that must be fuelled by profits. This budget is necessary because they have to blow their own trumpet.

Thirdly, business ethics is important. It is good to support those who contribute to society, and help those in need.

Finally, look for a supplier who has an active forum filled with real users.

Spooky2 ticks all the boxes with a system that is safe, effective and affordable. The software is updated very often, and is free.

When you purchase a Spooky2 system, you are not left in the cold. You are encouraged to join the Spooky2 Facebook groups, forums and newsgroups. Thousands of people just like you are asking the same questions you have, and getting valuable assistance. Read real reports from real people stating how happy they are with Spooky2.


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