How To Make a Judge Run Out Of The Court Room


Ever wonder what the real reason is that a Judge Runs Out of the Court Room? Your Honor I am a Living Being. The Flesh lives and the blood flows. I ask humbly for Remedy. Judge Leaves because he does not want to give remedy, but stay in honor. Judge comes back establishes the court again and goes on like nothing has happened. The court transforms in to a maritime court, a higher court of jurisdiction. You must re-establish your standing once again: Your honor I am a living being. The flesh lives and the blood flows. Your honor I humbly ask for cure and maintenance. Because you are in an Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction court now you ask for cure and maintenance. The Judge may be totally freaked out at this point and leave again if you are in a Federal Court. If comes back again, he comes back as a priest, so you are in a Temple now. When the judge comes back on the third time he is a priest under Cannon Law. Thus you say the following: Your honor I wish to establish that I am a living being. The Flesh lives and the blood flows and we are sovereign and nothing stands between myself and the divine. If you do not do this then you have no standing in court and are treated as cargo going to a warehouse, thus Chattel Property with no rights. Listen to this phone conversation, it explains the basis of why you do this procedure and gives an in depth background on the Court and what is really happening and why. It is a must you learn in Legal School not lawful school, what ever you are doing put it on your opponent, thus you show them how to get out of their dilemma & also it stains your reputation with their baggage, very old trick, but still seems to work for some reason…. Remember the BAR legal system is EVIL beyond belief, they offer no remedy via their ADMIRALTY COURTS, alas, they have been infiltrated, they themselves will be offered no remedy (same) when the time comes…. NO MERCY….


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