Special Dogmatic Theology Part Twenty Hour 1 Ochelli Effect 3-18-2019 Jordan Maxwell

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Twenty Hour 1 Ochelli Effect 3-18-2019 Jordan Maxwell

This show marks the completion of 40 hours devoted to the pursuit of knowledge regarding religion with the one and only Jordan Maxwell.

Chuck began the conversation asking about angels and the voice of God. Jordan explained what an angel is and discussed the presentation in nature visible to the world from the heavens.

The deception of Religion is part of a potent strategy to keep the masses of majority at each other’s throats while ignoring the owners of all systems. Who gave Hitler his ideas? Why all the candles? Did Moses exist? Where is Heliopolis?

Volcano and sun symbols are everywhere and the cross of Christianity may not represent what they tell you it does. How rude can an awakening get? How do Hinduism and the cult of Zeus contribute to current western dogma? What does Catholic mean? Sun worship and two ancient Egypts may play a much larger role in the Biblical legends than any Sunday churchgoer will ever know. Why do three allegedly related religious faiths remain in conflict century after century? Who designed the paradigm of conflict? Power and prejudice go beyond the Judas Kiss.

A few listener questions were answered and the first Monday caller (Charles) asked a few questions and offered comments in the second hour.

Jordan will continue with this series until he thinks it is finished. Please send in questions and comments anytime. The new Phone Line will also be open during LIVE shows @ 1(319)527-5016.
Special Dogmatic Theology Part Twenty

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