1. Hope it’s not all a massive planned exercise in a multitude of agents together in harmony playing at “ positive-ism “ in order to keep the NWO on track and man from derailing it (as well as he is able ) in becoming himself that which is missing , Jamie ?
    Have you entertained the possibility you yourctrue self may be being played or even knowingly complicit in it ?

    I’ll watch it now bud .

    • That is a prescient comment Brian. 🙂

      The surname FREEMAN……features in the Fritz Springmeier EXPOSE of…….The TOP 13 ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE$ ❗

      * * *

      Bloodlines of Illuminati by: Fritz Springmeier, 1995

      The Freeman Bloodline 💡

      The amazing thing about this family is that it is not a family that people would have thought of as
      being one of the top thirteen; however, for me as a researcher of the elite and the Satanic hierarchy,
      the name pops up with surprising frequency. For instance, Stephen M. Freeman runs the Legal Affairs
      Dept. of the Civil Rights Division of the Anti-Defamation League (which is a daughter of the B’nai
      B’rith). The ADL is a dangerous organization controlled by the hierarchy. The illuminati drug money
      to fund this organization. Another Freeman is Walter Freeman who introduced the lobotomy into the
      U.S. with James W. Watts in 1936. The frontal lobotomy was a brutal method of mind control, that
      has been permitted to be done to us, under the disguise that it is of benefit to humanity. Then there
      was Simon Freeman an important intelligence officer. And the list goes on of people that are in key
      places with the Freeman name. But the most important position of all which removes all doubt that
      the family is at the top is that the late Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion was Gaylord Freeman.
      Independent discoverers of The PRIEURE DE SION
      What is the Prieure de Sion? Are we sure it exists? How does this relate to the hierarchy? The Prieure
      de Sion (Priory of Zion) was unknown to the general public until 1982 when a book co-authored by
      Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln came out. The book was entitled Holy Blood,
      Holy Grail and it offered historical proof that an organization called the Prieure de Sion was powerful
      and had existed since the time of the EARLY CRUSADES (1099 A.D.). In 1991, I came out a little more
      information on the Prieure de Sion. The organization is so little known to even my readership, that we
      need to stop and really examine the PRIEURE De SION. 👿

      ➡ CLICK on link for full article….


  2. Excellent video especially for those that do not believe in the PLAN. My question to you is WHAT ABOUT GREECE? So much evil is taking place centered in Greece and against the Greeks. The looting has extended to taking our Sovereignty, the Pensions and Government Treasury was looted, and the politicians are all SOLD OUT. The people no longer have medicine, and pensions are down to NOTHING. Bank accounts are being stolen by the banks, and properties by the government’s representatives (TROIKA, Germany, ECB). Is Greece in the PLAN?

  3. If you can could you let me know what you think about what’s going on in the world just now. Is this part of the plan or is it a last ditch grab to keep hold of power by the ones that are going to fall. Coz I would hate for anything or one to stop it all coming out. Boris Johnson has COVID 19. We may loose him one of Trumps friends. I just hope that Trump stays safe through all this. Onelove and freedom to all THANK YOU AGAIN

  4. Thankyou this needs to be shared more. You’re research and updates to all we have let slip has been very enlightening and I hope everyone who has the opportunity to watch can do so. Openly to the idea that this kind of horrific monstrous activity occurs. Without allowing their conditioned minds to shut out the truth being exposed finally.

  5. Jamie, have you just been banned from Facebook? I came across a post you made this morning with a video about Satanic Ritual abuse. I saw a few seconds, there was a girl talking about human hunting parties. I decided to check it out later, but when I went to look for your timeline nothing was coming up. I can’t find that video on this site.


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