The Ochelli Effect 9-24-2018.Hour 1

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nine Hour 1
Ochelli Effect 9-24-2018 Jordan Maxwell

What is worship? Jordan continues the series with amazing information.

They say America is a Christian nation. Does anyone know what that actually means?

The Coda of creation for western civilization is based on what?

How much of the Roman Empire remains via the Vatican?

What you don’t know sure can hurt you. Knowledge is power.

If you were free or brave in America, it would not be your home.

How do multiple ancient cults become the basis for the modern ethos?

Is sex worship a worthy basis for a religion? Sun worship is everywhere.

There is a reason why the Swastika is a thing. What is a Tetragrammaton?

The 7 Fundamental Pillars of the Jewish and Christian faiths:
– Stellar Cult
– Lunar Cult
– Volcano Cult
– Cult of Saturn
– Cult of the Bull
– Aton Worship
– The Worship of Sex
Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nine

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