Where’s the Curvature of the Earth? None of You Can Debunk This Video!

Anyone with half a brain can see how they use deceptive wide angle fish eye lenses to deceive you. If you can’t see what this video proves and why so many people awaken every day, then the brainwashing is so deep in you.

Original link: https://youtu.be/bMFOtW-FagA
– Where’s the Curvature? A Look At The Earths Curvature From Space With A 35mm Camera Lens. Using special editing Software and techniques, we can remove the Fisheye Camera effect that is seen in 99% of all Space Agency footage. All of Nasa’s earth facing Cameras are fitted with Fisheye lenses which in effect is not giving you the true viewing perspective. The footage featured here is from the Origin Shepard flight on April 2, 2016. The Fisheye Video Camera used is located in the GH2 Vent, just below the Booster’s Ring Fin. As you will see, after adjusting the Camera perspective from Fisheye to a 35mm lens, and even before the Origin leaves the ground, that the horizon is level and true all the way up in to space. You would think the Earths natural curvature would come in to view at the 85,000 feet mark, but no, the Earths curvature never comes in to view throughout the film. This raises questions especially as a Filmmaker.


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