911 what do we really know?


Once upon a time stood two giant sky scrapers that essentially turned into dust having allegedly being hit by aircraft; although the official report on 911 blames the jet fuel for the intense heat that caused the ‘so called’ collapse.

What we do know, is that all was left after this intense inferno melted through steel beams and turned the concrete into dust was an unblemished Passport that allegedly belonged to one of the so called hijackers.

What we don’t know is how and why these twin towers collapsed at free fall speed, what we do know is multiple Fire Fighters reported several explosions and a ‘weird heat’ they say felt like it was cooking them from the inside out. We witnessed people strip naked and then jump out of the windows why? Were they being cooked from the inside out? Possible DEW ‘Directed Energy Weapon’. (Microwave)

We know that the BBC reported that building 7 the unspoken about 3rd World Trade centre building also collapsed on 911 into its own footprint; this was reported to have happened live on the BBC some 30 minutes before it did. How did the BBC know?



I won’t mention the disappearing wing that cuts through a building like a hot knife through butter and then as if by magic reappears in perfect condition.




Best not mention that the aircraft nose is seen going all the way through the metal and concrete structure only to reappear on the other side unscathed.



We know this can’t happen it’s impossible, just look at the damage on this aircraft, this was caused by a few birds!







I’m not going to say to much more other than please watch Dr Judy Wood’s video below and look into DEW Directed Energy Weapons as it is possible that ‘they’ are using them to start fires across the earth.



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