A Mind-Blowing Matrix Shattering Conversation with Jordan Maxwell 2018

Mind-Blowing Reality Check Conversation with Jordan Maxwell 2018

I had the honor and privilege to interview Jordan Maxwell once again. My previous interviews with him are below and please check them out!

Sometimes the best conversations are those that you are not prepared for and basically just let the discussion go on in different avenues that one was not expecting. I had notes in talking about his research into astrotheology, biblical meataphors, creation of man, etc… Although we did discuss a few of those topics, I had no idea we would end up talking about a very thought provoking and reality check discussion that created a life on it’s own. Jordan and I delve deep into cracking this artificial matrix bullshit reality!

We talked about how religious, political, mainstream news, and Hollywood are the many tools of the powers that shouldn’t be are using to keep people controlled within this mind control matrix while keeping society in a state of amnesia for lack of a better term.

Please like, share, subscribe, and enjoy this powerful conversation while Jordan Maxwell and I try to unravel this artificial fabricated reality matrix that keeps people in a constant state of fear and mind control. We are living in interesting times and the elite are trying so desperately hard to keep humanity blinded to the truth while they keep the true hidden history of the world to themselves.

Jordan Maxwell 2018 | Ancient Origins, Reptilians, Antarctica & Inner Earth Civilizations

Jordan Maxwell on Ancient Mysteries, Religions and Occult Ideologies of the Elite!


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