Cherie Beltram sermon on “CLONING and being TORTURED” in the End Times. In this message I share Donald Marshall and Phil Chuppa’s experiences that they are living out at a cloning station. If you are like me and have never heard these things before, this will sound crazy – it is not. This is real. Some of the things discussed in this message are: cloning (remember Dr. Beter, Al Bielek, and Kay Griggs have all spoken about cloning and that it has been going on for a long long time), D.U.M.B.S. which are Deep Underground Military Bases, cloning stations, gene splicing, nephilum, demons, Mark 1-4 clones, replication clones, duplication clones, robotoids, Illuminati, MK Ultra, mind control, G20 countries, Britney Spears, Queen Elizabeth, Vladmir Putin, reptilians, lizards, vril type 1 – 3, and drones.

Please pray for these guys and the other victims of this wickedness. Pray against the devil and his devices. Pray for God to release His warring angels into this situation. Tell others about this!!! We have world leaders all around the world participating in this and who are cloned and chipped and in power.


Donald advised me a few days ago October 2015 that he does not smoke joints anymore. His heart is damaged too severely from the torture, he said if he smoked them they’d probably finish him off.

Also, he is catholic and says he believes in God. It is me that says Catholics are usually not christians because that is a false religion.

The picture of the vril with the news channel 4 in the corner. I said it was a vril type 1. Donald advised that it is a vril type 2, but the head only. Looks like they took the head off and laid it on top of a “skate’s” body to make it look like something. He’s never seen one with no scales like that.

Incorrect Vril info. – (I myself, Cherie, thought it was a vril 1 – so that is my mistake)

Donald said, “They don’t just beat you as clones by the way. They skin you, cut you open while your chained down and mess with your guts. Also perform surgical things to you just for sport.
Burn ya. Acid. Shoot clones of you. Inject you with pain causing things.”

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D.U.M.B.S. – Deep Underground Military Bases

Britney Spears – “Break the Ice” – clones in tubes

Order of the Garter – Queen Elizabeth

Vril on video

Donald’s website

Donald’s website

Kevin Annett video about popes crimes.

Website link with the information on the case against the pope and 29 others.

Hitler UFO’s and Vril

Vril Society that Hitler was in.

Phil Chuppa – Droning & Vril

Britney fighting her clone

Committee of 300

Sermon notes and scripture references available at churches website.


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