So last week Jamie and I had a chat about writing an article on the so called ‘Flat Earth’.

This is something that in 7 years of blogging I have never done, because most folks get mad!

I would like to start by saying that I have been investigating the nature and indeed shape of our earth since October 2012.

I first came on to this topic by accident. I had covered as much as I could on language, law and legalese, and I had exhausted my research into the Royal family, the Bible and history. One day whilst watching a documentary on weather modification which was made by NASA I started to have questions about the rotational speed of earth and how it would affect the clouds.

I began studying the accepted model of earth and was flabbergasted by the speeds in which the mainstream claim we are moving.

Though without a frame of reference, I have no clue how the scientists came up with the exotic speeds.

Earths Spin: 1000 MPH

Earth orbiting the sun: 67,000 MPH

And through the Milkway we go at: 490,000 miles per hour!

Yet we don’t feel it!

We don’t feel the earth wobble or notice the 23.4 tilt. Though how one can tilt a ball that is spinning in space I have no idea.

Before we take a scientific look at the shape of our earth in part 2 of this series I feel it is important that we investigate such agencies as NASA who feed us our, well their version of reality.

Can we trust NASA?

Well let’s start with the Moon Landings.

Do people actually believe that this contraption landed on the moon and took off again?

The Lunacy Lander

Ed White – First Man to Walk in Space or Not

Why does earth spin one way, then another?

Why does earth spin one way, then another?

Here's NASA and Ed White doing a 'space walk', but oh dear the earth is not spinning, then it spins anti-clockwise, then clockwise. Video By: Peekay Truth on YouTube

Posted by Ryan Brooks on Saturday, September 24, 2016

When Astronauts Go Wild!


Bendy Door

Me and the SKY TV Man

So one day long before I woke up to the TV programming I was getting SKY fitted. The engineer, a hippy kinda guy, who stank of weed showed up. Long story short we sat for 3 hours smoking the herb and chatting about ‘channel 200’ which back then was called ‘Controversial TV’. After our first joint we got on to the ‘freeman on the land movement’, chemtrails, fluoride, 432Hz and microwaves, in particular cell phone microwaves and TETRA. We chatted about Wi-Fi and the coming ‘Internet of Things’ and then I asked the question ‘why don’t sky dishes point toward the sky?

He began to laugh and said ‘I shouldn’t really tell you this, but they use gateways’ he explained that these gateways were ground based satellites and masts. He said ‘GPS‘ stood for Ground Positioning System, and again he said the phone masts look after this. 

“The “geostationary communications satellite” was first created by Freemason science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke and supposedly became science-fact just a decade later. Before this, radio, television, and navigation systems like LORAN and DECCA were already well-established and worked fine using only ground-based technologies. Nowadays huge fibre-optics cables connect the internet across oceans, gigantic cell towers triangulate GPS signals, and ionospheric propagation allows radio waves to be bounced all without the aid of the science-fiction best-seller known as “satellites.””

“Satellites are allegedly floating around in the thermosphere where temperatures are claimed to be upwards of 4,530 degrees Fahrenheit. The metals used in satellites, however, such as aluminium, gold and titanium have melting points of 1,221, 1,948, and 3,034 degrees respectively, all far lower than they could possibly handle.”

“So-called “satellite” phones have been found to have reception problems in countries like Kazakhstan with very few cell phone towers. If the Earth were a ball with 20,000+ satellites surrounding, such blackouts should not regularly occur in any rural countryside areas.”

“So-called “satellite” TV dishes are almost always positioned at a 45 degree angle towards the nearest ground-based repeater tower. If TV antennae were actually picking up signals from satellites 100+ miles in space, most TV dishes should be pointing more or less straight up to the sky. The fact that “satellite” dishes are never pointing straight up and almost always positioned at a 45 degree angle proves they are picking up ground-based tower signals and not “outer-space satellites.””

Geostationary satellites are always above the equator. A receiver north of the equator needs to point south, and vice versa.

“People even claim to see satellites with their naked eyes, but this is ridiculous considering they are smaller than a bus and allegedly 100+ miles away; It is impossible to see anything so small that far away. Even using telescopes, no one claims to discern the shape of satellites but rather describes seeing passing moving lights, which could easily be any number of things from airplanes to drones to shooting stars or other unidentified flying objects.”

The motion of satellites is predictable and we can know in advance when and where a satellite will be visible. Such predictions can only be made using the spherical Earth model.

“NASA claims there are upwards of 20,000 satellites floating around Earth’s upper-atmosphere sending us radio, television, GPS, and taking pictures of the planet. All these supposed satellite pictures, however, are admittedly “composite images, edited in photoshop!” They claim to receive “ribbons of imagery” from satellites which must then be spliced together to create composite images of the Earth, all of which are clearly CGI and not photographs. If Earth were truly a ball with 20,000 satellites orbiting, it would be a simple matter to mount a camera and take some real photographs.

Having realized that NASA is a Hoax and the astronauts  are nothing more than mind-controlled-masonic-actors I seamlessly moved on to questioning the shape and nature of our plane(t) after all can NASA and the worlds governments be trusted?

The Biggest Lie of All Part 1 – With footage from the lost NASA tapes.

And to play us out in 432Hz

Do you come from a land down under?


Part 2 coming soon which will ask: ‘where is the curve?’


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