Mount Meru Magnetic Mountain at the North Pole

Ancient Buddhist, Vedic and Jain standard cosmologies mention that at the North Pole magnetic center of the Planet is a hill of magnetite called Mount Meru. The Puranic as well as Sumerian traditions additionally mentioned this “Mount Sumeru.” In Old Iran they mentioned Mount Hara Berezaiti with a celestial springtime on its greatest optimal in the world of the celebrities. In ancient Chinese works there is Mount Khun-Lun with a bronze Column of Heaven up where the immortals dwell. The Turkmen people of Southern Turkestan mention a copper column that notes the “marine of the Earth.” The Mongols created of Mount Sumber or Sumer with the Zambu tree on its top. The Buryats of Siberia talk of Mount Sumur with the North post celebrity fastened to its summit. The Egyptians composed of the “Pile of the First Time” which was the first land to show up from the Waters and also is the house location of the High God, the source of light. The Muslims compose of Qaf and Zoroastrians of Sogdiana created of Girnagar the globe enclosing hills. The Navajos mentioned “encircled hill” which was bordered by 4 directional mountains. The Dogon tribe of Nigeria spoke of a planetary column reaching 14 globes which is the “roof-post of your home of the high god Amma.” The old Greek folklore informs of Mount Olympus the Residence of the gods. The old German told of “Irminsul” an universal column which sustains every little thing. The Norse Edda spoke of Asgard, the burgh of the gods rising in the facility of Midgard, the round planet. The 14th century writings Inventio Fortunata by Nicholas de Linna as well as The Itinerium of Jacobus Cnoyen discuss the magnetic mountain being so powerful that it pulled the nails right from explorer’s boats! The enclosing whirlpool and four directional rivers bordering the mountain were said to change every 6 hrs creating the tides, comparing them to the “breath of God” at the “marine of the Planet,” breathing in and exhaling the terrific seas. Even Gerhard Mercator, of the Mercator forecast map we still utilize today, back in 1569 made a topographic map of the North Pole demonstrating to an Iron Mountain at the center called “Mount Rupes Nigra” at the North Post with 4 rivers extending outwards at appropriate angles. Are we being lied to about what truly exists at the magnetic North Pole?


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