My 2nd Weirdest Cloning Experience at the Cloning Center

the dragon and Jesus gets beat down…just to be clear…i realize in my state at the time, that being one of emotional upset while going through this horror story once again, i left out a small detail in the storyline and i can see how some folks might misinterpret the scene…in actuality the dragon didn’t beat Donald Marshall’s “jesus” to the ground…two men came out of nowhere and stood on either side of Donald Marshall and began hitting him on the head and back with short wooden clubs…kind of like short baseball bats…maybe about one or two feet long…until he collapsed to the ground. i want to be clear on that, seeing as it has come to my knowledge that some are misinterpreting the story…just wanted to clarify.………

also: if you see anything in this video with me …such as light streaks or alien nephilim…its just dust flying around the room…..please read the Donald Marshall Info so you can get educated on what is and what is not going on in this world.…

also please look at Mark Passio’s and Lloyd Pye’s… of research & information….in case youre wondering …yes i agree that Lloyd Pye was murdered for trying to bring concrete proof to the cosmic abandonment theory…which i believe is the truth.

Check out Donald Marshall’s videos on YouTube for more info and his…


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