Unicorn knocked off the gates of Buckingham Palace!


This is brilliant as the Unicorn represents the legal-fiction, the legal-title, the legal-person that chains us to the Crown.

For there has been much speculation over the years in relation to the ‘Chained Unicorn’ that is displayed on the Crown Logo and Government documentation; from my understanding and research over the years it symbolises ‘our’ enslavement to the ‘Crown’ essentially today via the Birth Certificate and or the use of the Crown owned, Crown copyrighted ‘Legal Name‘ especially when the so called surname (crepath name) is printed using the ALL CAPITAL TEXT I.E ‘Dog Latin’.

The logo is used in various forms around the world, some have the tails pointing up, some the tails point down and all have different meanings.



For the company trading as ‘Her Majesty’s Government’ (UNITED KINGDOM) and it’s agencies such as the DVLA, HMRC and Ministry of Justice have deliberately altered the Crown logo I would suggest to miss-lead the general population into believing they are some kind of authority, they are nothing more than dead corporations, with no-power never mind authority; that is unless we accept and do not ask for proof. I would go so far as to say that all these agencies including the entities trading as Courts have been and are operating by way of deception and fraud. They are getting away with tricking and enslaving us today as we have been miss-led to believe they are the ‘authorities’ – we never question do we!


Legal Maxim ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’.





Seeing that the Crown or Kether is the top of the Tree of Life and the Symbolism pretty much congruent. The flowers down below are the official flowers of each division of the British Isles. The Lion is for England, and the Unicorn is for Scotland. The Unicorn is chained to the Earth, the reason is because the Unicorn is a dangerous animal that needs to be regulated (this is what Wiki says so it must be true!)

So England becomes the master of Scotland at least that’s what we are led to beLIEve.

The Unicorn, like the stag, is a symbol of the imagination. It is an aspect of the feminine power and this fact would have been known to any “man of symbols” that would be in the position to create such an important symbol.

A pyramid is visible as well on the cover of Manly Palmer Hall’s ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’ which has been covered. The Male aspect with his sun symbols, Lion, and Eagle/Phoenix (EGO) is on the left side. The Feminine persona is on the right. The Aquila (which is also an Eagle), Stag, and Moon accompany her. Their Link to heaven, which I am now very confident in calling a symbol of their DNA, are the chains that are attached to their wrist. There is a Triangle at the top of the sloping chains and makes a perfect capstone with an emanation of concentric circles.

How should we define free association.

Remember the game where someone says a word and you immediately say the first word that comes to your mind. Well that’s what our brains do. They link these words together unconsciously, then you go back and analysis why you would group those categories as one.

Stag…. Imagination…. Axis Mundi….. Spiral Staircase…. Unicorn Horn…. Third Eye.

All the elements are there and our brain makes these categorization instantly.

The more unnoticed (on a conscious level) the symbolism goes the more freedom our unconscious mind has, and the more it is effected by the image.




The binding of Potentiality is somewhat disturbing in both scenarios.

Interpretation is open. But, this was definitely intentional and obviously malicious.


What, or whom is the Crown?

What, or whom is the Crown? What is the City of London?What is the DOG. LATIN. (all-caps) UNITED KINGDOM LTD?Have you ever wondered why the SURNAME and other important text is written using the ALL UPPERCASE TEXT?Put simply, 'you' are using a ‘Legal’ name and this is fraud.See the ‘name’ is actually split up into separate entities – The Christian-name and the ‘surname’. You register these names to the Crown Corporation LTD as their Property by your Birth Certificate which is given a bond number. Your physical value is used as collateral for these bonds allowing the United Kingdom LTD. to take out loans from private Banks, such as 'Bank of England' and profit is made by way of legal fines (Acts & Statutes), bills and taxation. – Hence money is no longer backed by Gold or Silver, but by our physical value or man power.The UNITED KINGDOM LTD is a privately owned Corporation-ship. And the Corporations are considered ‘ships’ and they are governed under the law of the sea, known as Maritime Law. There is no real 'ship' but a 'document-vessel' – which in our case was our Birth Certificate – Created by the Doctor when s/he ‘docked’ you.TAKE NOTICEWhenever you encounter the Legal Document (document-vessel) you will notice that your surname (or sometimes all of your names) will be written using the ALL UPPERCASE TEXT.This is no coincidence – the ALL UPPERCASE text is not defined or recognised in The Oxford Styles Manual, (the governing book of the English language) – meaning that although you may be able to read it as English, it is in fact, NOT English. The all CAPS or Gloss can be found within the 'Oxford Styles Manual', under 'foreign-languages', named 'Ancient-Latin'The main place this ALL UPPERCASE text is found to be defined as a language, is when American Sign Language (ASL), a signing language used for the deaf, is written.ASL can be defined in the book ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’ under the foreign-languages header: American Sign Language (ASL) compound signs, 10.152 and ‘glosses, 10.147’.Thus, defining this text as a foreign language. Further going onto say that when written, it has no 1-to-1 correspondence with any other languages on the document. The all CAPS or Gloss is also found in the 'Oxford Styles Manual', under foreign-languages, 'Ancient-Latin', however as the all caps UK LTD is registered in [Washington D.C[, they seam to be using the 'Chicago Manual of Style' , not the Oxford.Putting two or more languages onto a legal document is known in law as a ‘Glossa’. Black's Law Dictionary defines: 'GLOSSA' – “It is a poisonous gloss which corrupts the essence of the text”. Meaning that by using a Glossa in a document they are trying to conceal or confuse the real facts.If you take a second to analyse any documents that are written within the legal realm (driving licence, passport, fines, speeding tickets, court orders or summons) you will rapidly realise that while most of the document will be written in normal English, most of the important details are actually in this ALL UPPERCASE language.Like we established earlier, the ALL UPPERCASE text and the plain English text cannot be read as one text in a document, they have no jurisdiction over one another. You can only read one at a time. So you must read all of the English in one go, and then go back to read the ALL UPPERCASE.Soon you will realise that virtually all court orders, speeding tickets and most other legal documents actually make no sense whatsoever. They only make sense when we make the assumption that it is all plain English and we read it as one, once you take one away from the other – it renders the document useless.Seeing as the ‘government’ is simply a privately owned Corporation it can only impose fines and acts, upon other corporations. And by tricking us to registering our names as a corporate entity and then tricking us into thinking these names are physically us, it manages to get us to represent the corporately registered name and therefore bear the burden of fines and policies.This is a crime known as “personage”.Hand in hand with “personage” comes a crime known as “barratry” which is knowingly bringing false claims into court- This is what police, politicians, judges are doing daily.The Birth-Certificate, Two-Names, Two-Dates and Two-Languages?https://www.facebook.com/Ryan432Hz/videos/vb.100005150925419/530069613841398/?type=3&theater

Posted by Ryan Brooks on Monday, December 29, 2014


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